Thunderbird Configuration

When you start thunderbird for the first time, you will be prompted to set up an email account. If you are setting up a new one, simply click on tools -> account settings -> add account.

The first screen asks what kind of account you are setting up. It defaults to 'email account'. Click 'next.
Account Wizard - New Account Setup

Next the wizard will ask for your identity. Your Name can display however you would like people to see it. It can be your real name, company name, or something made up. The email address is
Account Wizard - Identity

The wizard will now require your server settings. We use a POP server, and both the incoming and outgoing server is If you are setting up an account over an existing one, it will use your old outgoing server. You will have to change this manually, contact us if you have any trouble.
Account Wizard - Server Information

Your username is the name you signed up with. Type it into the Incoming User Name text box.
Account Wizard - User Names

The account name can be anything for you to identity the account with. It will default to your email address. You can choose to type something simpler, or leave it as it is.
Account Wizard - Account Name

Finally you will receive a summary of the information you have entered. Check that it all looks correct, and if so, click on 'finish'.

The first time you check for your messages, a prompt for the password will pop up. Type in your password (remember that it is CASE SENTITIVE) and if you wish, check the remember password box.      BBS 42      News      AUP     FAQ     

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