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Starting the New Connection Wizard

First, click on the Start button, then on Control Panel.

The Windows XP Control Panel will appear. Click on the Network and Internet Connections category.

Next, click on Set up or change your Internet Connection .

TheInternet Properties dialog will open, showing the Connection tab. The [Setup] button will be highlighted. Click on it.

The New Connection Wizard will begin with a welcome screen. Click on [Next>].

For Network Connection Type click the round button beside Connect to the Internet, then click on [Next>].

On the Getting Ready screen, click the round button beside Set up my connection, manually, then click on [Next>].

For Internet Connection click the round button beside Connect using a dial-up, modem, then click on [Next>].

On the Connection Name screen, enter. BBS 42 in the ISP Name box, then click on [Next>].

On the Phone Number to Dial screen, enter. 823-2100 in the Phone Number: box, then click on [Next>].

On the Internet Account Information screen, enter:.
  • Your username in the User Name: box
  • Your password in both the Password: and the Confirm Password: boxes

Then, uncheck the square box beside Turn. on. Internet. Connection. Firewall. for. this. account. It will slow down your effective modem speed without adding much protection.

Finally, click on [Next>].

At the Completing the New Connection Wizard screen you only need to click on [Finish].

That's it for setting up the connection. Now it's time to test your connection to make sure it works. On to the next section: Testing.

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