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Testing Your Connection

There should be a shortcut for BBS 42 on the desktop, near the upper left. Click on it to start the Connect dialog.

If for any reason it does not appear on the desktop, you can always start a connection to BBS 42 by clicking on Start, then on Connect To, then on BBS 42. (Connect To appears on the Start Menu just under Control Panel.)

Either way, the Connect BBS 42 dialog will appear. Enter your password, typing carefully and being sure that CAPS LOCK is off.

If you want to save the password so you won't have to enter it each time you connect, check the box beside Save this user name and password for the following users: and click beside Me only or Anyone who uses this computer.

Now click on [Dial].

The computer should immediately start dialling.

Once you are connected, an icon showing two connected computer screens will appear in the tray.

Now, go to the start menu and click on Internet Explorer at the top of the left column.

IE will immediately try to connect to the Windows Update website via an MSN (Microsoft Network) page; if you do not intend to manually update IE you should use Windows Update, but it does not need to be right now.

Type into the Address: box and hit <Enter>. This will take you to the home page, which will give you access to news bulletins, support pages, local archives of internet applications, and much more.

To make this page (or whatever page you choose) your homepage, first click on the Tools menu and then on Internet Options.

Now, click the [Use Current] button in the Home page section of the dialog box.

To disconnect, double click on the icon in the tray ( a.k.a. the notification area ) at the right-hand end of the taskbar that looks like two computers.

This will bring up the BBS 42 Status dialog. To disconnect, just click on the [Disconnect] button.

But don't disconnect yet, you should also set up your email now.

On to the next section: Email Setup.

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